Shri Zafar Sareshwala,
Maulana Azad National Urdu University,


Janab Zafar Yunus Sareshwala, the Honourable Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) is a technologist, businessman and a renowned philanthropist. He has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. He is one of the founders of the Parsoli Groups and presently is the Director of Parsoli Motor Works Pvt. Ltd. He is considered an entrepreneur in Islamic Banking and Finance. He has delivered many invited lectures on Islamic Banking and Finance in conferences all over the World. He has been a regular invitee and speaker at the esteemed Harvard Islamic Banking and Finance forum held by Harvard University, Boston. He has also presented papers and has been a speaker at the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, London.

Janab Zafar Sareshwala is a man with a vision. He aims to equip Urdu knowing people with the best in higher education and ensure their mobility in the competitive market. After assuming the charge as the Chancellor of MANUU, he has endeavored to establish a link between University and Industry, which he expressed in his first meeting with the members of the faculty of MANUU. And in the second visit to the University he brought a host of industry experts, directors and managing directors of some renowned companies and struck a Memo of Understanding between these companies and MANUU, for training, skill development and finally employability of MANUU’s students.

Janab Zafar Sareshwala’s complete focus is on the employability of the students of MANUU. His appointment as Chancellor of MANUU has brought a practical and applied verve to the academia.

Hailing from a renowned family of businessmen, Janab Sareshwala has taken to social work and welfare of Muslims. His commitment of bringing Muslim issues to the fore through his unending appearances on the national and international channels is quite apparent. He knows the intricacies of Muslim social issues and attempts to solve them through candid and practical approach. He acts as an interface between Muslims and Government.

Janab Sareshwala is deeply religious by heart but extremely modern in his attitude and approach. In fact his personality reflects that there is no dichotomy between religiosity and modernity.

Janab Zafar Sareshwala possesses more than 25 years of experience in marketing financial products and services across the globe. He joined the stock markets in the late 1980s. He joined a leading BSE broker and entered the trading ring as a badge holder. He then went on to form his own sub-broking company in 1990, called Parsoli Investments and Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. He then went on to get the company listed on the BSE and make it a public limited company in 1995 and renamed it as Parsoli Corporation Ltd. In 1995, the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. was also launched by the government of India and Parsoli became a Corporate Broker of the NSE. Under Janab Zafar Sareshwala’s guidance Parsoli slowly but surely grew its business throughout the late 1990s and he went on to form Parsoli (UK) Ltd. in the UK in 1998 to serve the large Muslim population there.

Parsoli launched the first Islamic Equity Index in India in 2006 called the Parsoli Islamic Equity (PIE) Index and in an effort to create awareness and educate the markets in India, he started a series of televised conferences entitled ‘First Islamic Investment Opportunities’ all across India in 2007-08. His determined efforts have borne fruit with growing awareness and acceptance of Islamic financial products and services in India.

His vision and guidance had been the driving force behind the growth and success story of Parsoli Corporation Ltd. which had been awarded as the ‘Best Islamic Broking’ firm for the year 2007 and had been nominated in the category of ‘Best Index Provider’ for the year 2009 by the Islamic Finance News, one of the leading global Islamic news provider. Parsoli also branched out to become the principal dealer for BMW-India for the state of Gujarat in 2007-08 through Parsoli Motors Ltd. and they have their presence in Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot.

Janab Sareshwala has travelled widely. Recently he accompanied the Prime Minister on his trips to Japan, the United States and to the G-20 Summit held in Australia.



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