Maulana Azad National Urdu University
Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500 032
Phone : 91-040-23001214 - 16

Directorate of Distance Education: (EPABX: 040-23008402/03/04) 
Toll Free No : 1800 425 2958


Important Contact Numbers

Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz Vice-Chancellor 040-23006601/ 23008366
Prof. Shakeel Ahmad Pro-Vice-Chancellor 040-23006121
Dr. M.A. Sikandar Registrar 040-23006602
Dr.M Vanaja Finance Officer I/c 040-23000084
Prof. Sajid Jamal COE 040-23008405
Prof. Mohammed Abdul Azeem Proctor 040-23008412
Prof. Ehtesham Ahmad Khan Provost-(Boys Hostel) 040-23008307
Dr. Waseem Begum Provost -(Girls Hostel) 040-23008307
Name Designation Contact No.
Prof. Naseemuddin Farees Dean, School of Languages Linguistics & Indology 040-23006609
Prof. Badiuddin Ahmed Dean, School of Commerce & Business Management 040-23008365
Prof. Shahida Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences 040-23008301
Prof. Ehtesham Ahmad Khan Dean, School of Mass Communication & Journalism 040-23008354
Prof. Syed Najamul Hasan Dean, School of Sciences 040-23008312
Prof.Fatima Begum Dean, School of Education & Training 040-23006040
Prof. Abdul Wahid Dean , School of Computer Science & Information Technology 040-23008367
Name Designation Contact No.
Prof. Naseemuddin Farees Head, Department of Urdu 040-23532006,
Prof. Syed Mohammed Haseebuddin Quadri Head, Department of English 9492197720
Dr. Mohammad Khalid Mubashir-UZ-Zafar I/c Head, Department of Hindi 040-23008303
Prof. Mohd. Zafaruddin Head, Department of Translation 040-23008442
Dr. Mohd. Fahim Akhtar Head, Department of Islamic Studies 040-23008364
Dr Syed Alim Ashraf Head, Department of Arabic 040-23008319
Prof. Shahid Naukhez Azmi Head, Department of Persian 9966790046
Prof. Mohammed Abdul Azeem Head, Department of Business Management 040-23008304
Prof. Badiuddin Ahmed Head, Department of Commerce 040-23008365
Prof. Ehtesham Ahmad Khan Head, Department of  Mass Communication 040-23008354
Dr. Afroz Alam Head, Department of  Political Science 040-23008327
Dr. Kaneez Zehra Head, Department of Public Administration 040-23008328
Dr.Shahid Raza, Head, Department of Social Work  040-23008327
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Head, Department of Computer Science & Information Technology 9959829128
Prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood I/c Head, Department of Education & Training 040-23006040
Prof. Shahida Head, Department of Women Education 040-23006612
Prof. S.N. Hasan Head, Department of Mathematics +91 9866619519
Dr. Danish Moin Head, Department of History +91 9527996163
Prof. Farida Siddiqui Head, Department of Economics +91 9010711816
Prof. P. H. Mohammad Head, Department of Sociology +91 9866399577
Dr. S. Maqbool Ahmed Head, Department of Botany +91 9440366462
Dr. Parveen Jahan Head, Department of Zoology 9885186923
Dr. Aleem Basha Head, Department of Physics +91 9849098620
Prof. P.F. Rahman I/c Head, Department of Chemistry +91 9490105324
College / Centers / Directors
Name Designation Contact No.
Prof. Shane Kazim Naqvi Director I/c, Directorate of Distance Education 040-23008314
Prof. Khatija Begum Director, Centre for Professional Development of Urdu Medium Teachers  040-23008350
Dr. Ameena Tahseen I/c, Centre for Women’s Studies 040-23008454
Mr. Anis Ahsan Azmi Consultant, Centre for Urdu Culture Studies 040-23008359
Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Director, UGC- Academic Staff College 040-23008325
Prof. Shane Kazim Naqvi Director,
Centre for Information Technology
Prof. Kancha Ilaiah Director, Center for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy 040-23008335
Mr. Rizwan Ahmad Director, Instructional Media Center 040-23008302
Prof. Naseemuddin Farees Director, Center for H.K Sherwani Deccan Studies 040 2300 8460
Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Khan Principal, Polytechnic College Hyderabad 040-23008413
Mr. Mohd Riyz ur Rahman Principal, Polytechnic College Bangalore 080-23181726
Mr. Mohd Abdul Muqsit Khan Principal, Polytechnic College Darbhanga 06272-210053
Other Administrative Staff
Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Vairagi
Joint Registrar
Medical Cell
Mr. Azhar Hussain Khan
Joint Registrar (Estate)
Ext. 105
Mr. Mohd. Jamaluddin Khan
Dy. Registrar (Finance)
Fax No: 23008379
Mr. Mohd Hasim Ali Sajid
Dy. Registrar (Est. Recruitment - I) 040-23006612-15 /
Mr. Abdul Rasheed Shaik
Asst. Registrar (F&A Section)
Mrs. P. Shanta
Asst. Registrar (PVC Office)
Dr. Mohd. Mubashir Ahmed Asst. Registrar (Est. Recruitment - II) 040-23006612-15
Mr. Abrar Ahmad
Asst. Registrar (Planning & Development)
Mr. S.Z Hussaini
Asst. Registrar (Examinations Campus Mode)
Dr. Badeeuddin
Asst. Regional Director(Examinations Distance Mode )
Dr. Syed Hammad Hashmi
Medical Officer
7036444515, 9985043814
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