MANUU–ASPS International Visiting Scholar

MOU between Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (ASPS) and MANUU for a Research-cum-Travel Grant of a Visiting Scholar. A Standing-cum-Selection Committee (SSC) comprising the following members selects the recipient for the award:

  1. Prof.Parvaneh Pourshariati, former President, ASPS (City University of New York, USA)
  2. Prof. Jo-Ann Gross, former Vice-President, ASPS (The College of New Jersey, USA)
  3. Prof. Jawid Mojaddedi, Member - Board of Directors, ASPS (Rutgers University, USA)
  4. Prof. Sunil Sharma, Member - Board of Directors, ASPS (Boston University, USA)
  5. Prof. Salma Ahmed Farooqui, Director, H.K. Sherwani Centre for Deccan Studies (MANUU, India)


Dr. Peyvand Firouzeh, M.Phil (2011) and Ph.D (2015) in the history of art and architecture and Asian and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Cambridge.

Presently a fellow of art histories and aesthetic practices (2015–16) at the Forum Transregionale Studien and Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin, Germany.

Research Topic: Words, Images, and Routes: cross–culturality between Iran and the Deccan in the fifteenth century.


Dr. Karen Ruffle, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Toronto.

Research Topic: Somatic Shiʿism:The Body in Deccani Shiʿi Material and Ritual Practice.