The Institute

Sambhal is a town which is surrounded by very fertile fields. The population of this town is around 9 lakhs. The majority of the population belongs to Muslim and Yadav community. There are good numbers of educational institutions imparting general and technical education. The town is a popular market for suger, vegetables and other agricultural products. It is interesting to observe that girl from Muslim community do attend the schools and colleges without any cultural barriers. Some business houses in the town are involved in directly exporting the hand woven cloths, lather goods and other ingredients required for manufacturing the perfumes etc. one Philanthropic by name Nadeem Tareen after elaborate discussion with the MANUU officials decided to donate 7 acres of land to establish a college of Teacher Education (to impart B.Ed. in Urdu medium) so as to enable the graduate boys and girls to join the programme. This will further facilitate the local administration to draft them as teachers in Urdu medium schools which are suffering with the non availability of qualified teachers who are capable of teaching in Urdu medium both in secondary and senior secondary schools.
In view of such a request and involvement from the local community MANUU resolved to establish a College of Teacher Education at Sambhal (U.P). Already University has spent around 2 crores to construct compound wall and to equip the building and laboratory. This initiative from MANUU not only facilitate the local muslim students but also it enable the University to realize its mission of reaching the un reached.


College of Teacher Education – Sambhal, MANUU Al-Tareen ITI Behjoi Road Sambhal – 244 302 (U.P.) Phone : 059233-231088 Email : manuuctesmb(at)gmail[dot]com