Placement Cell

The placement cell of an institution plays a crucial role and is the integral part of the institution. In the present era of science and technology, the competition for employment is increasing day-by-day along with new parameters of employment in teaching profession. In order to acquaint our teachers with all the necessary information and skills required, MANUU-CTE, Asansol has established a Placement Cell in college campus. The cell acts as a connecting link between the students and the recruiting agencies. The role of the placement cell is to organize the past records of the students at the time of admissions helping them to prepare and update their individual profiles by providing the technical guidance, knowledge of different pedagogies and school related experiences through variety of activities. Placement services are provided to the students through the placement cell. Campus interviews are conducted.

Students Council

Student Council is a student-based organization designed to help and promote college spirit and leadership among students.

Objectives of Students Council

  1. To have student representation in the functioning of college.
  2. To maintain discipline in the classes.
  3. To conduct activities of the B.Ed. program smoothly.
  4. To develop positive attitudes and practice good citizenship.
  5. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire college.
  6. To improve student/faculty relationships.
  7. To improve college morale and general welfare.
  8. To provide a forum for student expression.
  9. To develop sense of communities among students.
  10. To maintain open communication between students and college staff.
  11. To train students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship.

Community Services

It is working with community and not working for community. It means one has to learn how to work with community members. It is a way of socializing with an unknown community (rural); a process of learning something new from the community - about its customs and traditions and of course about its ways of living.

Co-Curricular Activities

Education is a broad concept that surpasses the four walls of a classroom. Co-curricular activities are essential for the holistic development of the student-teachers. It gives the students an opportunity to develop various skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. They actually complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the “Art of Living and Working Together.” The college provides ample opportunities to the student-teachers to discover their potential and talents in various domains along with their academics.
Practice teaching-cum-Internship will enable the student-teachers:

  1. To develop lesson plans and transact lessons.
  2. To develop a plan of evaluation for the unit taught.
  3. To get an opportunity to observe the teaching of experienced school teachers.
  4. To observe, give feedback and reflect on the lessons given by fellow student-teachers.
  5. To observe the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities organized in the school.
  6. To prepare and conduct Unit Tests, Achievement Tests and CCE.
  7. To acquaint the student teacher with different innovative strategies of teaching.
  8. To organize co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the school.
  9. To get a feel of total experience of activities.
  10. To assist the school teacher in his/her day-to-day school work.
Practice Teaching-cum Internship Programme is being arranged for the student-teachers in the second, third and fourth semester for 4 weeks, 10 weeks and 6 weeks respectively for two year B.Ed. (Regular) course. For the purpose of Practice Teaching-cum-Internship, the following schools are associated with MANUU-CTE, Asansol:
  1. Asansol Rabbania Girls High School, Hutton Road, Asansol
  2. Haji Qadam Rasool High School, Railpar, Asansol
  3. Rahmania High+2 School, Railpar, Asansol
  4. Talpokharia Urdu Junior High School, Talpokharia, Asansol
  5. Asansol Idgah High School, Murgasol, Asansol
  6. Rahmatnagar High School, Rahmat Nagar, Burnpur

Guidance & Counseling Services

The College has a Guidance & Counselling cell to provide educational, vocational and personal guidance to the student-teachers. The Guidance and Counselling Cell in the college addresses the diverse Socio-economic challenges and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous group. The cell provides guidance to the students of the college to improve their overall personalities and help them to meet challenges in their life. To provide job opportunities to the college students and alumni, The cell organizes campuses interviews, time to time, providing professional guidance to place the students in various schools. The following services are provided by the guidance and counselling cell of the college:

  • Personal Guidance
  • Educational Guidance
  • Career Guidance
  • Holding career fest in different schools every year

Mentoring Arrangement

To provide personal contact with teachers and to facilitate group interaction and peer learning, students are divided into small tutorial groups; each group is assigned a tutor who provides academic and professional guidance at the individual and group level.

Grievances Redressal Cell

MANUU-CTE, Asansol has established a grievances redressal cell to ventilate the grievances of the college students, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Disciplinary & Anti-Ragging Committee

A disciplinary committee & anti-ragging committee is constituted at MANUU-CTE Asansol to maintain discipline in the classrooms and the campus by conducting enquiries on cases of misbehavior and recommending suitable punishment/solution. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in and outside the institution. Any complaint about ragging (if any) when brought to the notice the Anti-ragging committee takes cognizance of the matter and takes immediate action