Principal’s Desk….

MANUU-CTÊ, Asansol is a unique and innovative Teachers' Education Institution. The main objective of our college is to provide quality teachers' education to the prospective teachers. We plan and motivate our student-teachers to implement lessons and units of instruction that reflect knowledge of human development, including the cognitive, affective and psychomotor characteristics of the learner. We don't believe in endowing students with only theoretical knowledge, but we believe in integrating theory with practical. We also consider that it is our duty to build a high degree of ethical and moral responsibility in student-teachers. Therefore, we believe in giving roots of value to our pupils, so, that they remain firmly rooted to the ground or they can soar like falcons to touch the skies with their wings of ambition. Our faculty members understand the fact that students are born with a powerful desire to learn. The need is to keep this powerful desire alive through innovative teaching, wherein they may try new ideas, experiment various teaching styles and use ICT. MANUU-CTE, Asansol has a team of qualified, sincere and dedicated faculty members. This institution provides opportunities for experiential learning through various curricular and co-curricular activities which help the students in the development of their personality and to become a better teacher. I wish that the student-teachers of this college would set an example of an ideal teacher, nice human being and disciplined member of society by acquiring and developing theoretical and practical knowledge about different fields of education, develop teaching skills and refine and mould his behaviour.