Campus and Infrastructure.

Available Land area in square meter

Around 4 Acres of Land has been donated to MANUU at Aurangabad in 2009 by Mrs. Fauzia Tahseen Ahmed Khan, the then Secretary of ‘Cosmopolitan Educational Society’ & MLC of Maharashtra (MS)
At present, the B.Ed. College is housed in a leased building at Mahmoodpura, Rauzabagh, Aurangabad. The details are as under:

  • Available Land area in square meter: 21000Sq.feet
  • The available land is on Lease basis
  • Name of individual Person from whom lease is taken: Dr. Rauf Sattar Pathan
  • Period of lease: 30 Years
  • Built-up area in square meters: 18162
  • The college is housed in the rented building which is a multi-storey building and two floors (Ground & First) have be taken on rent basis; the built-up area in square meters on each floor are as under:
S. No. Floor Built-up area in Squire Meters
1 Ground Floor 603 Square Metre
2 First Floor 603 Square Metre
3 Second Floor 603 Square Metre
  • The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table
S. No. Infrastructure Whether available: Yes/No Size in Sq.ft.
1 Classroom 1 Yes 600 sq.ft.
2 Classroom 2 Yes 450 sq.ft.
3 Classroom 3 Yes 450 sq.ft.
4 Classroom 4 Yes 450 sq.ft.
5 Classroom Cum Hall Yes 1312 sq.ft.
6 Library-cum Reading Room Yes 1312 sq.ft.
7 ICT Resources Center Yes 900 sq.ft.
8 Curriculum Laboratory Yes 900 sq.ft.
9 Art &Craft Resource Centre Yes 450
10 Health & Physical Education Resources Center Yes 450
11 Multipurpose Playfield Yes 10000
  • whether following facilities are available in the Institution:
1 Principal's Office Yes
2 Staff Rooms Yes
3 Administrative Office Yes
4 Visitor Room Yes
5 Separate Common Room for Female Yes
6 Seminar Room No
7 Canteen No
8 Separate Toilet facility for Male Yes
9 Separate Toilet facility for Staff No
10 ICT Resources Center Yes
11 Separate Toilet facility for differentlly abled person Yes
12 Parking Space Yes
13 Open Space Yes
14 Open space for Additional Accomodation Yes
15 Store Room Yes
14 Medical facility Yes
15 Science Resource Centre Yes
16 Math Resource Centre Yes
17 Psychology Resource Centre Yes