Important dates:

  • Date of commencement of current academic session: 01.08.2017
  • Last date fixed by University Hqs (Affiliating/Governing body) for admission: 02.08.2017
  • Date of last admission made in the Institution: 02.08.2017

Mode of Selecton of of Students:

  • Admission to the Course is made by the University Through the All India Common Entrance Test
  • Entrance test is conducted by the University itself

No. of students enrolled in the current Academic Session (2016-17): 65 (Semesters I & III)

Category-wise distribution of Students

Sr. No. Name of the Program No. of Male Students No. of Female Students No. of Students enrolled in SC Category No. of Students enrolled in ST Category No. of Students enrolled in OBC Category No. of Students enrolled in Unreserved Category Total Students in Programme
1 B.Ed. (R) Batch 2016-18 21 01 00 00 03 19 22
2 B.Ed. (R) Batch 2017-19 37 02 00 00 26 13 39

No.of Students in each Pedagogy Subject

Program Name Pedagogy Subject No. of Students Enrolled
B. Ed. (R) Batch 2016-18 English 03
Hindi/Regional Language 01
Urdu 17
Social Science 20
Mathematics 01
Physical Science 01
Life Science 01
B. Ed. (R) Batch 2017-19 English 02
Hindi/Regional Language 08
Urdu 26
Social Science 36
Mathematics 03
Physical Science 03
Life Science 00

Details of Enrolled Students

Students Enrolled for the Current Session

Program B.Ed. -- 39 Academic Session 2016-17
S.No. Student Name Father Name Mother Name Gender Category Pedagogy 1 Pedagogy 2 Remark
1 Azimuddin Mahbub Alam Maimuna Khatoon Male Gen. SSt Urdu
2 Ishteyaque Anjum Abdul Wase Mahe Talat Male Gen SSt Urdu
3 Md. Abu Farhan Md. Abid Hussain Rehana Khatoon Male Genral SSt Urdu
4 Md. Akmal Jamal Uddin Sanjari Begam Male Genral SSt Urdu
5 Md. Fahim Akhter Abdul Ahad Fakhra Khatoon Male Genral SSt Urdu
6 Md. Fareed Md. Bhola Hasiba Khatoon Male Genral SSt Urdu
7 Md. Jahangir Alam Md. Sajjad Ali Zarina Khatoon Male OBC SSt Hindi
8 Md. Muntazim Danishwer Abul Ala Ali Zafar Fakhera Kishwer Jahan Male Genral SSt English
9 Md. Nezamuddin Md. Moslim Rabbo Khatoon Male OBC SSt Urdu
10 Md. Rabbani Md. Zafrul Hussain Dilara Begum Male OBC SSt Urdu
11 Md. Rizwan Alam Md. Fiyaz Alam Bibi Aasia Begam Male Genral SSt Urdu
12 Md. Sabbir Alam Abdur Razzaque Shayera Begam Male Genral SSt Urdu
13 Md. SanjoorAlam Md. Salimuddin Bibi Ruquia Khatoon Male Genral SSt English
14 Md. Shahbaz Alam Shamim Akhter Khushnama Khatoon Male Genral SSt Urdu
15 Md. Zahid Md. Shakir Hussain Ishrat Begam Male Genral SSt Urdu
16 Md. Farooque Azam Abdus Sattar Zinatun Nesa Male OBC SSt Urdu
17 Md. Jamshed Md. Ghulam Akbar Bilqis Khatoon Male Genral SSt Urdu
18 RomanaTabassum MdShabir Akhtaree Khatoon Male Genral Bio.Sc. Phy.Sc.
19 Saddam Hussain Md. Alam Amirun Nesa Male Genral SSt Urdu
20 Salik Anwer Salimuddin Safoora Begum Male Genral SSt Urdu
21 Shamim Ahmad Rayees Ahmad Anwari Khatoon Male Genral SSt Urdu
22 Shamsher Alam Md Shabbir Ahmad Shamsha Khatoon Male Genral Maths English


  • Any other category for which Reservation policy of the state is applicable.
  • Qualififying Examination implies the Eligibility Qualification prescribed in the NCTE/Affiliating Body Norms Such as Higher Secondary(+2)BA,BSc,B.Com,MA,MSc,etc in the case of M.Ed.Enlighty Qualification B.Ed,D.El.Ed, etc.
  • In the Gender column Male(M) Female(F) be written.
  • In case more than one program is offered in institution the list of the students be provided separatly.
  • Pedagogy subjects are applicable in the case of programs like B.Ed.,D.El.Ed.,etc.