Vision & Mission

The College of Teacher Education, Aurangabad being a constituent college of MANUU, its vision, mission and value are in coherence with the mandate of the university. The college as a whole strive to have the following vision, mission and values which are being our path under the guidance of our elders at the University headquarters:


  • To create horizon of innovative knowledge blend with sound fundamental theoretical base and life skills based teacher education through Urdu medium.
  • To provide democratic, comfortable and creative environment where joyful strategy of teaching-learning process flourishes.
  • To mould the self to integral fully functional personalities being able to integrate cognitive and affective talents in the classroom to make learning a pleasant experience for the learner in the light of MANUU mandate.


  • To develop self-confidence& promote the spirit of enquiry to sustain and help to keep pace with the rapid growth of knowledge among the members of knowledgeable society.
  • To transform student-teachers into knowledge workers by developing professional skills necessary in the contemporary context.
  • To empower the student-teachers to become competent, committed and innovative to meet the challenges that comes in the field of teaching-learning process.
  • To inculcate contemporary moral, ethical, cultural values and value for gender equality
  • To inculcate compassion, commitment & attitude of building warm rapport with all in a collaborative and cooperative environment.