The College of Teacher Education established in2007 by the Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) in 2007, at Chandanpatti,Laherisarai, Darbhanga, Bihar. The College of Teacher Education Darbhanga envisions creating ‘a community of excellent secondary Schools teachers and teacher educators - rooted in best tradition and well equipped for the bright future’.  The mission of the CTE is Capacity Building Knowledge Creation. Innovative Practices and keeping abreast with latest information in Teacher Education through Urdu Medium. College of Teacher Education works closely with the Urdu speaking milieu and evolves strategies to empower the same by imparting qualitative, affordable, modern education at different levels and helps to make major contribution to the field of education, teacher education and doctoral programmes. The CTE offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Master of Education (M.Ed) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programs through Urdu medium at MANUU, CTE Darbhanga as per the NCTE Acts, Rules, Recognitions, Norms, Standards,Guidelines and Procedures, 2014.

Vision & Mission

  • Preparation Excellent Secondary Schools Teachers, Teacher Educators and produce quality research work in Education.
  • Emphasize on the functional relationship between knowledge generation, theory development and effective practice through Urdu medium


The College of Teacher Education endeavours to:

  • Promote academic excellence and strive to provide quality education through Urdu medium.
  • Develop a research orientation among student teachers and teacher educators to promote research in the field of Education.
  • Monitor theory as well as practical works of student teachers including projects and action research.
  • Provide higher education especially teacher education focused on skills and oriented towards productive employment opportunities.
  • To transform students into knowledge workers so that they would take up teaching professions as a career and thus help the society and the nation.
  • Support to the School of Education to review and revise curricula of various programs in view of worldwide developments and adaptation of technology applications for improving teaching-learning methods and generating creative teachers and leaders for the nation.