Instructional Resources.

Pyschology Resource Centre

The College of Teacher Education, Darbhanga has set up a well up date psychology laboratory with the objective of providing theoretical and practical understanding of the behavioural aspects of students and teachers.
It is well equipped with the tools used in different fields of psychology:  

  1. Human Development:  Aspiration, Interest, Vocational preferences, Family environment.
  2. Ability : Intelligence, Emotional intelligence, Social intelligence, Aptitude, 
  3. Cognition: Problem Solving, Creativity,
  4. Personality: Anxiety, Depression, Personality Test, HSPQ, Locus of Control  Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Children  Apperception Test (CAT).
  5. Social Aspects: Family environment, Social skills, Values, Adjustment.   These tools facilitate psychological make-up or profile of the teachers and students. The prospective teachers are educated to use the psychological test as and when needed. Such information and inputs may be tremendously helpful in deciphering and interpreting the psychological problems of students and also in providing guidance and counselling to them.