Department of Islamic Studies :: Department Profile

The Department of Islamic Studies was established in May 2012. The main objective of the department is to offer courses in Islamic studies in modern perspective. In these days Islam has taken a central stage in public discussions and debates relating particularly to its political ideas and social approaches. Apart from this, Islam has a vast history of its rich civilization and culture pertaining to India and the world as a whole. Its achievements have been very unique in various fields of human life. Islam has contributed on a major level to the development of Islamic and modern sciences.

Moreover Islam has provided a complete system of life with detailed guidance and moderate approach, and it has played a remarkable role in the progress and prosperity of humanity. These aspects of the history and civilization are subjects to the studies and research in today’s academic world. The department is offering different courses of study and research in the vast areas of Islamic sciences, culture, civilization, mysticism and thought with the aim to train scholars in the subject of Islamic studies.

Thrust Areas

  • Deep knowledge of Islamic sciences.
  • Comprehensive awareness of the needs of the modern age.
  • Understanding theological base for inter-faith relations.
  • Role of Muslims in plural societies.
  • Studies of Islam and Muslims in India.
  • Research on contemporary issues in Islamic perspective
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