• To facilitate the people desirous of pursuing programmers of higher education and training in Urdu medium and smoothen their accessibility to knowledge resources through various ways and means.
  • To arrange for/ produce/ publish all basic course materials and text books in Urdu required for various disciplines and courses being run by the University through both on-campus as well as distance mode of education.
  • To arrange the translation of study materials and important books available in other languages into Urdu to caterthe educational needs of the students opting for Urdu medium of instruction.
  • To translate the best and famous books of different fields from other languages into Urdu for the intellectual benefit of the students, teachers and Urdu loving people.
  • To review the learning materials and course books periodically to get them updated for revised editions in Urdu.
  • To bring out Urdu magazines/ journals to enhance and update the knowledge and erudition of Urdu readers.

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