• Preparation of original course materials and books for academic needs of MANUU.
  • Translation of essential materials/books into Urdu published by other institutions/ publishers.
  • Composition, re-editing or revision of course and study materials whenever needed.
  • Adoption of course and study materials of other Universities to translate into Urdu.
  • Preparation of subject wise glossaries.
  • Conducting meetings of subject experts to discuss relevant issues to take important decision.
  • Adopting common Urdu orthography and evolving simple and uniform Urdu for academic use.
  • Preparation of panels of subject wise writers, editors and translators.
  • Conduct Training Programmes for writers, editors and translators.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars and symposia etc. in the relevant fields.
  • Publication of University and Departmental Journals as well as books by individual faculty in Urdu.
  • To reproduce important and famous Urdu books which have gone out of print.
  • Procuring ISBN numbers for the publication of relevant and approved books.
  • Production/ translation of any other materials or books that the university authority/ Advisory Council (now, the Board of Management for DTP) may deem essential and appropriate.

Since its inception, the Directorate of Translation and Publications (DTP) has taken up the responsibilities associated with production and publication of different course books and materials based on the syllabi of various courses being run by MANUU. In case the essential books/materials are in other languages, the directorate manages to translate them into Urdu. It also plans to arrange to prepare and publish books of all streams and genres, translate famous books from different languages into Urdu as well as to reproduce important Urdu books which have gone out of print to help the Urdu medium students, teachers and Urdu loving people enhance their knowledge and erudition in varied fields of learning.

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